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Iaak Raffle Lot #01 - Choose various Funko's of Choice from store, SDCC, Exclusives, Limited Edition Mystery Boxes + More!

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The IAAK Raffle #01

This Raffle has ended and the winners are marked in RED below!! 

2 Winner Raffle! [We are doing only 60 tickets for the 1st ever IAAK raffle!! This is the first time on any INDIAN site for this to happen. Let the Raffle Begin, may the luckiest person win!! ALL THE BEST]

Tickets Cost Rs 199 INR each, you can purchase as many tickets as you wish. The more you buy, the better are your chances to win the lucky draw!! 60 entries total, your order number will be your reference in the raffle. Incase you are buying more than 1 ticket in the same order for your chances to win better, we will put the numbers in random for the multiple entries and let you know.

2 Winners can choose an item from the items listed below, the first winner will get first choice.

  • IAAK Funko Mystery Box (3 mystery funkos)* 
  • Limited Edition Mystery Box
  • A choice of 1 official licensed character shirt with 2 Funko Pop's* of choice (from our store)* which are in-stock
  • 3 Funko Pops* Of your choice from our shop section which are in-stock
  • A Rs 999 voucher to use on our website + 2 Funko Pop's* Of Choice From our Store which are in-stock

*For multiple entries, edit the quantity when you're in the cart to your desired amount, to make it easier for you we recommend you try to order all your entries in one go so you only have on order number to keep track of, unless you choose to buy more later on. Entries will be added to the list throughout the day.*

    Prizes will change for different raffles, sign up to our newsletter and follow our social media pages for updates on upcoming raffles & prizes.

    Unlike raffles on social media, you can pay by credit card, Debit cards and even Wallet Recharge!

    *Please Note: Only when Once all 60 entries are taken, the raffle winner will be drawn on random.org with date and time recorded with the video uploaded to this listing. The winner will be notified by email. 

    *Please Note : Winners can select only the regular Funko Pop's and not the Huge 6" mega size pop's. 

    **For contestant who fail to win the draw, money would not be refunded as this is a luck-draw raffle contest.

    **Winner will be contacted via email (we advise having an account on iamakidd.com and fill in all your details prior to buying the raffle tickets!!). 

    **Free Shipping of products to winners!! 

    ** Raffle For Indian Residents Only!! 

    Below is the list of all the entries with the order number besides the 1-60 series set. (This will be updated every day/hour depending on how fast we sell the raffle lucky draw tickets).

    Entries For IAAK Raffle 01 : 

    Scroll to see all the 60 entries along with the order ID.

     1. kidd-#1142 2. kidd-#1143
     3. kidd-#1144 4. kidd-#1145
     5. kidd-#1146 6. kidd-#1151
     7. kidd-#1153 8. kidd-#1162
     9. kidd-#1150 10. kidd-#1158
     11. kidd-#1146 12. kidd-#1168
     13. kidd-#1170 14. kidd-#1156
     15. kidd-#1149 16. kidd-#1197
     17. kidd-#1151 18. kidd-#1162
     19. kidd-#1146 20. kidd-#1152
     21. kidd-#1147 22. kidd-#1166
     23. kidd-#1148 24. kidd-#1204
     25. kidd-#1154 26. kidd-#1157
     27. kidd-#1169 28. kidd-#1206
     29. kidd-#1151 30. kidd-#1163
     31. kidd-#1155 32. kidd-#1208
     33. kidd-#1211 34. kidd-#1165
     35. kidd-#1159 36. kidd-#1146
     37. kidd-#1225 38. kidd-#1228
     39. kidd-#1147 40. kidd-#1149
     41. kidd-#1231 42kidd-#1232
     43. kidd-#1151 44. kidd-#1161
     45. kidd-#1221 46. kidd-#1229
     47. kidd-#1163 48. kidd-#1149
     49. kidd-#1159 50. kidd-#1169
     51. kidd-#1225 52. kidd-#1162
     53. kidd-#1160 54. kidd-#1206
     55. kidd-#1208 56. kidd-#1164
     57. kidd-#1199 58. kidd-#1159
     59. kidd-#1151 60. kidd-#1165

     Live Draw Video Below :





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