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Mike Wheeler and his group of besties may be really brave, but grown-ups know Joyce Byers is the real hero of Stranger Things.

There's no denying that Joyce Byers is one tough cookie. Even when Police Chief Hopper doubts Joyce's claims that her son is communicating with her from a different dimension, she chooses to stick to her guns. Sure, she knows the residents of Hawkins think she's an absent-minded kook who lost her youngest son, but she doesn't let it sway her belief that Will is alive and living in the walls. At the end of the day, Joyce is a mother who refuses to forget about her son. If only Barb's mom was as resilient as Ms. Byers, then maybe Barb would still be alive! What? Too soon?

If you're looking for a tenacious mom who will always have your back, even if you get trapped in the Upside Down, then make sure to add this Stranger Things Joyce POP to your vinyl collection. You're going to be happy that she's hanging out on your shelf if the Demogorgon every shows up unexpectedly.

  • POP Stranger Things Joyce With Light Ball Vinyl Figure
  • 3.75" tall figure snaps onto clear plastic display base
  • Display base is 2" diameter
  • Oversized head rotates
  • Officially licensed



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