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If you're anything like us, then you have a lot of questions about the Upside Down. Will the show series ever address those questions? We can't say for sure...but maybe Will Byers can fill you in on everything you'd like to know...

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding Will Byers even though he's been successfully rescued from The Upside Down. We can't be the only ones wondering how the heck did he survive in the darkness with the Demogorgon? Also, in all seriousness, does Will have perpetual slug breath because the thought of him regurgitating a slimy creepy-crawler, still makes us gag! The only way to get these pressing questions answered is to sit down with this vinyl figure until he talks about his experience. Okay, your results may be fruitless but we think it's a better option than hunting down the Duffer brothers and interrogating them! If Will never mums a word about the whole ordeal, then this POP figure will still make a nice addition on any dresser, shelf, or desk!

  • 3.75" tall figure stands by itself
  • Oversized head rotates
  • Officially licensed



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