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IAAK Past Boxes

Have a look at what Subscription Boxes iamakidd.com has offered over the past couple of months to our  tons of happy subscribers. If you like them, we bet you will love the upcoming Boxes which are planned!! 

Below are the Subscription Boxes which IAAK has offered since launch!! 

IAAK OCTOBER Quidditch Limited Edition Box : Theme : Quidditch

Complete October Quidditch Box Details here Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!!




IAAK Funko Overloaded September Premium Box : Theme : Funko Overloaded

Complete Funko Overloaded Box Details here Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!!

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IAAK HP+GOT (LE) Subscription Unboxing : Theme : HP+GOT

Complete HP+GOT L.E Box Details here  Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!! 

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IAAK AUGUST Subscription Box Unboxing : Theme : Potter Madness

Complete August Box Details here  Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!! 

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IAAK Star Wars (LE) Subscription Unboxing : Theme : Star Wars L.E

Complete Star Wars Limited Edition Box Details here  Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!! 

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IAAK JULY Subscription Box Unboxing : Theme : GALAXY

Complete July Box details here  Meanwhile Unboxing's Below!! 

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