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Everyone has a favorite Star Wars droid. Sure, most will default to those cute little astromech droids that beep and boop and carry on like wayward toddlers, but we personally adore the most dapper of protocol droids: C-3PO.

C-3PO is our favorite for multiple reasons. He knows great information and statistics for starters (although he usually offers it at rather inopportune times). Also, he's shiny and pretty to look at. Mostly though, we enjoy his pristine, formal self dealing with all the ruffians and lowlifes of the galaxy. We find his general discomfort and priss highly amusing, especially as he is usually surrounded by chaos and mayhem.

And if you're a fan of C-3PO like we are, well then you'll love this dapper little figurine of your favorite protocol droid. Sure, it's not the original thing, but we figured you wouldn't mind having a C-3PO that doesn't talk back. This POP Funko Star Wars C-3PO Bobble Head will sit at your desk nice and quiet. Instead of talking, he merely wags his little vinyl head agreement. How adorable is that?

  • POP Star Wars - C-3PO Bobble Head
  • Star Wars officially licensed
  • Vinyl Construction



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