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Deadshot has a face that’s way too handsome to hide behind a mask all the time. The mask is intimidating and cool and everything, but we’re definitely glad he took that mask off for a good portion of the Suicide Squad movie. Just look at that rugged beard, those handsome eyes and that look on his face when he’s blasting the bad guys to smithereens. Now, Funko has an adorable version of the villain-turned-hero and yes, he’s totally not wearing his mask.

This POP Suicide Squad Deadshot vinyl figure shrinks Will Smith’s charming features from the movie, into a cute, collectible figure. He comes fully equipped with his deadly rifle and he’s ready to defend the rest of your collection from Enchantress and her crew of weird mud monsters. You can pair him up with any of our Suicide Squad POP vinyls, or set him up solo on your computer desk.

  • 3.75" tall figure stands by itself
  • Oversized head rotates
  • Officially licensed



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