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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 - Season Pass Edition (PS4)

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  • Be a Sniper: Engage your targets from the long range, factor in scope elevation, wind speed and direction, breath control and stance along with weapon and bullet choice
  • Be a Ghost: Stalk your enemies and eliminate them silently with a broad variety of takedowns, the advanced stealth gameplay includes drone recon and vertical navigation
  • Be a Warrior: Wield a wide variety of advanced weapons and modify them to suit the needs of your mission, choose from assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns and explosives
  • Be All Three: You are an American sniper dropped behind enemy lines in Georgia, near the Russian border, prevent the entire country from collapsing into chaos

Game Information

  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • PEGI Rating: Unknown
  • Media: Video Game



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